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Posted 06/19/2020 in Category 1

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

If you think that you have a case for worker’s compensation then it means that you would have endured an injury, sickness or disease as a result of your work. Besides being physically draining and painful, a work-related injury can set you back financially, in various ways. You may have to incur the costs of surgeries, therapy, medication, medical equipment, special treatments and specialised doctor visits, just to name a few. These costs can add up extremely quickly and put you in a financially difficult situation, through no fault of your own. This is why worker’s compensation claims exist–to provide financial relief to workers who have endured work-related injuries, sicknesses and diseases. Many persons are tempted to claim this money on their own however, this is not advisable and you should contact a lawyer to argue your case.

Do I need a lawyer for my worker’s compensation claim?

To put it simply, yes.

It is completely understandable that persons may want to represent themselves for their worker’s compensation claim. After all, hiring a lawyer may just be another cost on top of their current costs. However, a lawyer makes it much more likely that you will successfully claim your worker’s compensation. Believe it or not, some companies put up a strong fight against workers who try to claim their compensation and many times, a lawyer is needed to win the case. Additionally, lawyers are better equipped with the knowledge to efficiently and effectively comb through your case and ensure that the compensation you receive is in line with what you need currently and in the future.

In this article, we’ll explore more reasons for hiring a lawyer and how it can impact your case for worker’s compensation.

Reasons why you should hire a lawyer for your worker’s compensation claim

Legal expertise

It’s fair to say that lawyers have more legal expertise and experience than you do. While an obvious statement of fact, it is extremely important for your worker’s compensation claim. Claiming your compensation is not as simple as submitting a doctor’s note. There are many different variables to consider when claiming compensation. Have you claimed for current costs? Have you claimed for future incoming costs? Was there money lost from missing work? Did you have to buy special equipment? Did you have to hire a carer? The list can endlessly go on but the reality is that there are many costs that you may have incurred without even knowing.

Lawyers are well-versed in breaking down these costs and understanding how to claim for it. Additionally, there are factors that may be unknown to you that can affect how much compensation you are owed. They are:

  • The employer’s liability – did they cause or partially contribute to your injury/disease/sickness?
  • Your working conditions – were you properly trained and supervised prior to your injury?
  • Your injury’s characterisation – how serious is it?
  • Your injury management – did you immediately seek medical attention? What are future medical/rehabilitative costs?

Prevent intimidation tactics

Even though you may be completely in the right to your worker’s compensation, do not expect to successfully claim it without a fight from your employer. Companies have a lot of money and a team of lawyers and can easily intimidate and draw out the legal process, hoping that it would financially and mentally wear you down and intimidate you. Company lawyers are known to play on the naivety of employees by offering a sum of money that may seem fair to a non-legal expert but that truly isn’t.

A lawyer will prevent all of these events from happening. Having a legal expert on your side will show the company that you are serious and prepared to fight for your compensation. The company will also know that intimidation tactics and lacklustre offers will no longer be an effective tactic.

Give yourself time for recovery

Filing for worker’s compensation and fighting in court takes a lot of mental and physical work. From filing numerous documents and paperwork to running around trying to gather and submit information, it can become tiring for anyone! However, lawyers are trained and paid to do this work and will have ways of doing it efficiently. You should focus on yourself. Giving yourself the opportunity and time to recover is absolutely necessary. You will have to work eventually, at the end of your medical leave and thus, you should focus on recuperation.

The case is clear: you should hire a lawyer to represent you in your worker’s compensation claim. The benefits are undeniable and it is worth fighting for yourself and the support that you are due. There are many law firms in Sydney who will competently represent you in your worker’s claim and ensure that the best result for you is achieved.

Some companies, unfortunately, will terminate an employee after their worker’s compensation claim. If you were terminated after your worker’s compensation claim or if you were terminated before you were able to file for worker’s compensation and are unsure about what to do, it is best you speak to a professional lawyer. A lawyer will ensure that you get the most out of your case, guide you through the painful situation and hopefully leave with a positive outcome. It is better to put your interests in the hands of a legal expert and instead, focus on your recovery and recuperation from your incident. There are many different types of lawyers in Sydney who will be able to help.

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