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Posted 06/07/2020 in Category 1

Nvidia AI Creates A New Version of Pac-Man

Pac-Man is celebrating its 40th anniversary and amidst this Nvidia has displayed how the game can become the future game by using artificial intelligence.

Nvidia has recreated the most popular game arcade game Pac-Man with the help of artificial intelligence. The company has recreated the game without relying on the typical tools used for the game building, including the game engine. However,  the use of artificial intelligence is taking place in various techniques, but from the perspective of online gaming, the recent example is looking more interesting.

The maze arcade based game was developed in the year 1980 by Namco and was released in the same year. It soon became a substantial popular gaining the title of the most iconic game over the past years. Several exciting things contributed to the game earning the iconic status. Not only the game has addictive and engaging gameplay but also the layout of the maze can be recognized instantly. Moreover, the ever-hungry protagonist and the introduction of ghosts always giving a chase made the game iconic. Since the game was released in 1980 and so it is celebrating its 40th anniversary in the upcoming week.

While celebrating the 40th anniversary of the game, Nvidia has recently posted a blog explaining the use of artificial intelligence to recreate the game. According to the blog post, the company explained how it used the artificial intelligence model, GameGAN to make the game, Pac-Man entirely functional and playable. The use of artificial intelligence in these days is, however, not surprising, but the recreation of the game without using any gaming tool is unexpected. Moreover, GameGAN based on an artificial model recreated the game without knowing the rules of this game. Also, only 50,000 recorded episodes of the game and keystrokes based on gameplay were fed to the artificial intelligence-based model. The combination fed to the AI was enough to recreate the game; however, there was the need to enhance the graphics a bit more. The company has uploaded the video on YouTube demonstrating the recreated game. The video is highlighting how the use of the artificial model in the game has recreated it very much close to the original one. The most impressive fact is that the artificial model has recreated the playable version of the game in just a few days.

Is Pac-Man going to Inspire Online Gaming in Future Once Again

While looking at the blog posted by the company, it is quite apparent that even the researchers of Nvidia were quite surprised to see the performance of the artificial intelligence model in accomplishing the game recreation. The researchers are looking sure to use the techniques based on artificial intelligence for improving the experience of online gaming in the coming years. The researchers have pointed out that technology can be used to speed up the process of game development. For example, the researchers have suggested that the developers involved in game creation can feed the existing layouts of AI at the initial level. Further, the artificial intelligence can create new layout levels without getting any help from the gaming tools or developers.

Moreover, developers can use artificial intelligence to create even new characters. On a broader note, the researchers have suggested that artificial intelligence technology can be used for developing and training robots. The robots can be prepared for delivering goods and working in warehouses.

Talking about the artificial intelligence version of the game, Pac-Man, the company has confirmed that it is planning to launch the game to ordinary people through the artificial intelligence playground. The research team of the company has designed the artificial intelligence-based playground. The digital space has been made to allow the general public to try out the demos of various games. However, the company has not made it clear when exactly it is going to release the AI version of the game.

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