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Krum, Gergely, & Oates LLC - Criminal Lawyers

Krum, Gergely, & Oates LLC - Criminal Lawyers


2311 Wilson Blvd Suite 3, Arlington, VA 22201


(703) 988-3711




Krum, Gergely, & Oates LLC is a premier criminal defense law firm in Arlington, Virginia committed to serving our community and its neighboring regions. Our firm boasts a distinguished history of legal prowess, and our seasoned attorneys are devoted to delivering exceptional legal advice and steadfast support to those dealing with various criminal charges. At Krum, Gergely, & Oates LLC, we uphold the essential belief that everyone is entitled to a robust and equitable defense. Whether you are facing accusations in areas such as white-collar crime, drug-related offenses, DUI, assault, or other criminal charges, our team has the expertise, skill, and commitment needed to protect your rights and fervently represent your interests.

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