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Posted by on 12/17/2019

Benefits Of Vibrating Dog Collar

Benefits Of Vibrating Dog Collar

The practice of using shock dog collars is being highly criticized by dog lovers and animal activists around the world. Hence the new way to get your dog’s attention, which is one of the more humane ways, is to use a vibration dog collar. Vibration dog collars are the best to get the attention of any dog and are especially good for use if you have a deaf dog. Besides, there are many more benefits of vibrating dog collars. You must know them all, so that you may pick from the best vibrating dog collars to buy for your dog.

Vibrating collars work great for deaf dogs

Deaf dogs would not be able to react to sounds and instructions. Any instructions given to them can be either through visual signals and gestures or through feelings. Vibrations work great in adding the sensation of feeling and intensifying it without hurting the dog. That’s why deaf dogs can be trained well with these collars. Training and communicating with deaf dogs is, therefore, one of the prime benefits of vibrating collars. However, you need to pick the best vibrating dog collars for this.

Vibrating collars are better than shock collars on any given day

There are many reasons why vibrating collars are better than shock collars. The main reasons are:

• Shocks are kind of torture in the name of training. They often serve as punishments and are not preferred by many dog owners just because the whole idea is disturbing. There the best vibrating dog collars give a sense of vibration without tormenting the dog. The vibration is of no harm, and pain from mild to strong shocks is avoided.
• The continuous use of shock collars poses a high risk of inflammation or infection to the area of contact for the dog. The metal contact point, which touches the skin at the neck of the dog, often bruises the skin from prolonged contact and use. The shocks send through the metal breaks the skin, and gradually cause inflammations. Vibration collars totally cut off the chance, and thereby are completely safe at this ground.
 • The shock collars by sending mild to strong shocks as per the owner’s discretion gradually ruin the temperament of the dog in some ways. The dogs getting shocks may get more aggressive or frightened. They may get triggered unusually at certain situations, and associate the wrong things with the shock and get triggered. This can be avoided by using the best vibrating dog collars. Vibrations being non-painful pose no such risk, and don’t threaten the mood and temperament of the dog.


Not all dogs are the same. Some are very sensitive and too soft, and won’t be able to withstand a shock collar or pinch collar for training, etc. for them, vibrating collars are the best. Even for aged dogs who cannot take shocks or strong collars, the right pick is one of the best vibrating dog collars. Therefore you should find a suitable vibrating dog collar for your dog.

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